Category: Eyebrow Transplant

What’s the Best Eyebrow Shape for Each Face Shape?
Ever wondered why we need eyebrows? Expression and communication are an important role, since the brows enable us to communicate subtle emotions by raising or furrowing as desired. They’re also more than mere decoration or a way of expressing our personal style. Our brows have multiple important…
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What Causes Thinning or Sparse Eyebrows?
The hairs on your eyebrows are just like the hairs on your scalp in that it’s possible for them to become thinner or simply stop growing. Since the brows are such an important and noticeable feature that frames a face, it’s difficult to hide issues such as…
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What Can You Do to Prevent Thinning Eyebrows?
Strong eyebrows are the key to defining your facial structure, accentuating the beauty of your eyes, and making your face look youthful. As you age, it’s not only your skin that goes through changes. Your eyebrows may also start to look different from how they appeared when…
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