What Can You Do to Treat a Dry Scalp?
How do you revive a dry scalp? Our Philadelphia-area team at the Griffin Hair Restoration Center can help you address this and other conditions that affect the health of your hair. A dry, itching scalp is a problem that around half of the…
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How Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?
In recent years, there has been an increased interest in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for hair loss. Philadelphia’s Dr. Thomas Griffin believes these treatments can be ideal for many patients who are experiencing thinning hair. The way PRP works to restore hair growth is…
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How Does Oral Minoxidil Help Hair Loss?
With all the buzz surrounding oral minoxidil as a new treatment option, many patients are likely wondering: “Does oral minoxidil actually work better?” Our Philadelphia-based team at Griffin Hair Restoration Center sees many patients who are curious about whether this trending hair loss solution truly delivers. video snapshot  of patient's comparison experience Watch Vincent's story about why he chose the ARTAS Robotic Procedure View More