Your At-Home Hair Restoration Consultation with Dr. Griffin, Philadelphia

Are you suffering from permanent hair loss, but haven’t taken the step to see a specialist? Perhaps you have considered a restorative procedure, but have been too busy to schedule a consultation. Or maybe you are curious about the potential benefits of a hair transplant but feel embarrassed to go to an in-office appointment. For individuals with booked calendars and/or who prefer a private consultation, Dr. Griffin offers the convenience and discretion of an at-home consultation.

During your private consultation, Dr. Griffin will evaluate your hair loss, thoroughly reviewing and analyzing your medical history. His first priority is to uncover the proper diagnosis for your hair loss. Once he has ruled out any serious illness, he can then present the various advanced cosmetic solutions currently available to address baldness. After discussing your aesthetic concerns and goals, Dr. Griffin can determine the best, customized treatment plan for your case. By simultaneously focusing on both the management of hair loss and the replacement of bald areas, Dr. Griffin strikes a delicate balance between preventative measures and surgical enhancement. As a result, Dr. Griffin provides a comprehensive, realistic plan of action. During your conversation, Dr. Griffin will encourage you to ask any questions you have about the hair transplant procedure as they arise. His objective is to make sure that you understand the hair loss cycle in general, and what is happening in your case specifically; he believes that once you are informed, you can feel confident about your decision to pursue permanent hair restoration.

If you are interested in a private consultation in the comfort of your own home, you can schedule one through Dr. Griffin’s VIP concierge services. Our friendly and supportive staff is more than happy to assist you every step of the way.