Robotic Hair Restoration

Written by Dr. Griffin

Dr. Thomas Griffin is the first physician in Philadelphia to perform robotic hair transplantation using the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. ARTAS is the latest and most efficient way to perform the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair restoration surgery. FUE is a method whereby individual follicular units are harvested from the donor area in the back and sides of the head for transplantation to the recipient area on the top of the head. Unlike the strip harvesting procedure in which a strip of hair-bearing scalp is surgically excised from the donor area, and subsequently sutured closed, leaving a linear scar, in FUE no residual noticeable scar is left. Instead, multiple individual follicular units are harvested accurately and efficiently by ARTAS leaving tiny holes which heal within a week leaving no visible scar. This allows the patient to have a short hairstyle, whereas, with the strip technique, at least ½ inch of hair is required to hide the resultant scar.

ARTAS diagram

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Robotic hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. The donor area needs to be shaved short in order for the robot to “see” the hair follicles. The patient is seated in a special chair while the robot does its work, usually for about 3 hours depending on the number of grafts required. Once the grafts are taken, tiny incisions are made by Dr. Griffin in the recipient area into which the new follicles will be placed. In the near future, the robot will be programmed to make the recipient sites, based on a computer model which Dr. Griffin, in conjunction with the patient, will create ahead of time at the preop visit. Post-operative pain is lessened in robotic hair restoration compared to strip harvesting because it is less traumatic to the donor area. Both techniques are well tolerated, however, requiring only over the counter pain medicine or mild narcotic pain medicine.

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Real Patient Before & After Photos

before and 9 months after procedure -  photos of real patient

9 Months
Post Procedure

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The great advantage of robotic FUE is in the accuracy and speed of removing the follicular units. Unlike other methods which require humans to perform the meticulous task of removing follicles, the robot does the job tirelessly and accurately. Fatigue is not a factor for the robot, so there are very few damaged follicles. The yield of consistently good quality follicles for transplantation is very high. As a result, the entire procedure yields better and more natural results.

Real Patient Before & After Photos

Robotic Hair Restoration - Before and After Treatment Photos - male patient, top view
Robotic Hair Restoration - Before and After Treatment Photos - male patient, oblique view

5 months post
robotic FUE HT. Approximately 1350 graft transplant to recreate the hairline

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Dr. Griffin is proud to be the first doctor in Philadelphia to provide robotic hair transplantation technology for his patients. He will continue to be an innovator in the field of hair restoration surgery, always striving to use the most modern techniques so as to provide the best possible results.