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Can Dyeing Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?
Dyeing is, perhaps, the most common chemical treatment for hair. Highlights, a radical change in color, or a touch up to hide grays are part of many people’s beauty upkeep routines. A big concern, of course, is whether dyeing can contribute to hair loss. While chemical treatments can harm…
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Prevent and Slow Down Progressive Pattern Hair Loss
Wearing caps and hoods can only do so much to cover up hair loss in men. Male pattern hair loss will progress if left untreated. It is important to identify hair loss as soon as possible. If you have male pattern hair loss in your family, you may have…
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Hair Loss Progression And The Importance Of Maintenance
This question often arises at the time of consultation for pattern hair loss in both men and women. Will hair replacement surgery fix my hair loss permanently? As a physician who understands and treats pattern hair loss, it is incumbent upon me to explain the overall process of pattern hair…
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