What’s the Best Eyebrow Shape for Each Face Shape?

Written by Dr. Griffin

Ever wondered why we need eyebrows? Expression and communication are an important role, since the brows enable us to communicate subtle emotions by raising or furrowing as desired. They’re also more than mere decoration or a way of expressing our personal style. Our brows have multiple important functional benefits for our body, but their primary purpose is to provide protection for the eyes. They keep our eyes clean and clear by preventing moisture from sweat and rain from getting into them, as well as blocking the downward migration of other substances, such as dirt, dust, and dandruff. Eyebrows do this by either absorbing the substances or directing them away from the eyes. They also decrease the amount of light that gets into the pupils to maintain sight.

Yes, eyebrows are also an opportunity for cosmetic expression. Since they are one of your most prominent facial features that aid in framing the eyes, getting the right eyebrow shape is critical for facial beauty. The Griffin Hair Restoration team provides brow reconstruction for Philadelphia-area patients who want to improve the appearance of damaged or thinning brows. 

You can also use makeup and plucking (just remember not to overpluck!) to get the most aesthetically pleasing eyebrows. Here’s how your eyebrows should be shaped to flatter your face shape:

Round-Shaped Face

With a round face, the goal is to use your eyebrows to lengthen your face to give it a more oval look and add dimension. High-arched eyebrows will make your face appear thinner and more elongated. You can add a slight arch to your eyebrows. 

Heart-Shaped Face

If your forehead is wider than your cheeks and you have a more angular jawline, you’ll need a more rounded eyebrow shape with a low arch. 

Square-Shaped Face

Since you already have a defined face, try to soften these angles while avoiding a too high arch or overly rounded eyebrows. 

Oval-Shaped Face

You don’t need an overly defined, harsh arch on an oval face, because it could make it look too long. Almost any brow shape will work for you, but aim for softer brows to balance out the rest of your face. 

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