You Can Still Play Sports After A Hair Transplant

Written by Dr. Griffin

Many athletes and celebrities in the public eye have undergone hair transplants, which is obvious as they begin showing up to sporting events with thicker and healthy-looking hair. One of the advantages of having a hair transplant performed by Dr. Griffin is that it does not stop you from continuing your daily activities, including sports. It is only the first week after the procedure that we recommend refraining from heavy exercise. In general, however, you can keep playing most sports and hair implants should not affect your daily life or exercise routine in any way.

The latest hair transplant techniques feature much more natural-looking results and ensure speedier recovery times compared to previous methods such as the “strip surgery”. Dr. Griffin’s hair restoration procedure can provide a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence which can have a positive impact on the playing field of life.

By visiting Thomas D. Griffin, MD., FAAD, FACP at Griffin Hair Restoration Center of Philadelphia, you can experience natural results without worrying about sweating off hair powders or temporary inks while playing sports. With Dr. Griffin you can take your thoughts off your balding scalp and get your head back in the game where it belongs.

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