Hair Loss Progression And The Importance Of Maintenance

Written by Dr. Griffin

This question often arises at the time of consultation for pattern hair loss in both men and women. Will hair replacement surgery fix my hair loss permanently?

As a physician who understands and treats pattern hair loss, it is incumbent upon me to explain the overall process of pattern hair loss so that the patient has a full understanding of his or her projected outcome. It must be understood that PATTERN HAIR LOSS IS PROGRESSIVE. That is, that left to it’s own devices, a particular patients hair loss will follow it’s own genetically determined path. For this reason, if a person wishes to treat his or her hair loss, a regimen of maintenance is required in addition to hair replacement surgery. The hairs which are transplanted surgically will grow permanently, however the native hairs which are still present will gradually be lost without proper maintenance. The best possible result from hair replacement surgery will occur with a combination of adding volume while maintaining ones natural hair.

A maintenance program is a lifelong commitment to holding on to ones hair. Programs can be topical, systemic or both. We will work with a patient to find the program that works best for him or her. We also use PRP (platelet rich plasma) as a maintenance procedure. Oral medication such as Finasteride (Propecia) in men and Spironolactone in women may be used in some patients.

In summary, while hair transplants are a permanent treatment for pattern hair loss, proper maintenance to prevent further hair loss progression is part of an overall strategy for the best possible long term outcome.