5 Tips for Male Hair Transplant Aftercare

Written by Dr. Griffin

Hair loss can occur due to a variety of factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, and normal aging. No matter the cause, there are also a variety of advantages to hair transplants for men at our Philadelphia-based Griffin Hair Restoration Center. Consider boosted confidence, a lasting solution, minimal to no maintenance required, and hair growth that looks natural while matching with your own hair—because it is sourced from your own hair. Although transplants are generally safe and low-risk procedures, it’s important to follow our post-operative advice if you want to ensure the best results while avoiding complications.

If you’re planning to have a hair transplant, here are general aftercare suggestions to ensure a fast and smooth recovery: 

1. Take It Easy

For the first couple of days after your hair transplant procedure, it’s important to get plenty of rest to support healing. Don’t engage in any heavy exercise or strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy weights, bending, or playing sports. You may have to continue to avoid exercise for the first week.

2. Avoid Sweating

In addition to avoiding exercise, refrain from heat and from other activities or environments that cause you to sweat, such as saunas, because it could delay healing. 

3. Keep Clean

To keep infections at bay, avoid touching or scratching and take other steps to stop dirt, dust, and bacteria from getting onto your scalp. 

4. Keep Swelling Down 

Swelling in the transplant area is a common side effect after this type of treatment. Avoid sleeping flat on your back or stomach. You can reduce swelling by sleeping in a semi-upright position with your head elevated at a 45-degree angle or sleeping in a recliner, taking anti-inflammatory medications, and placing an ice pack on the forehead. Icing also helps to relieve discomfort.

5. Avoid Washing Your Hair 

For at least 48 hours after this treatment, avoid washing your hair. When you do resume washing your hair several days after, be gentle. Don’t scrub your scalp too aggressively, and rinse your hair out with a cup of water. 

For more information on hair transplants for men, contact our team at Griffin Hair Restoration Center of Philadelphia. Call us at (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation if you would like to find out more about hair transplants and non-surgical solutions for thinning hair.