3 Home Remedies for Making Thinner Hair Look the Best It Can

Written by Dr. Griffin

There’s no doubt that having a bad hair day can throw off your entire look and make you feel less confident. Your hair is one of those things that some people will remember most about you. Natural aging—along with lifestyle choices and daily habits—can often contribute to damaged hair and increase the likelihood of breakage. If you’re not getting the nutrients you need from your diet, are dealing with chronic stress, exposed to dry weather or heat, or over-washing or over-processing your hair, these factors could be causing it to look unhealthy. If you’re sick of having dry, dull, brittle, or thinning hair, even if you don’t think you’re ready for a more dramatic treatment, such as a hair transplant for women from our Philadelphia-based team, there are some simple ways to reduce the effects of minor hair loss or breakage. Check out the following tips:

1. Change Your Diet

To keep your hair looking great, you need to have a balanced, healthy diet that’s rich in fatty acids including omega-3s, good quality protein, and antioxidants. Multivitamin supplements can also be beneficial. Low iron levels can contribute to hair loss. Have your iron checked at your next doctor visit, and restore it if needed. Foods high in iron, like green leafy vegetables, are helpful.

2. Consider How You’re Washing Your Hair

Your hair’s natural oils keep it shiny and healthy. There’s no need to wash your hair every day—unless you naturally have very oily hair. Most people don’t need to wash their hair more than three times each week. When you do wash your hair, don’t use harsh shampoos and conditioners, such as ones that contain sulfates. Always use conditioner after shampooing your hair, and let it air dry as much as possible rather than rubbing it with a towel or constantly using a blow dryer. Use cool air when blow drying your hair.

3. Give Your Scalp Extra Attention 

Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp also needs to have a balance of hydration and natural oils, as well as good circulation. Keep your scalp clean and promote blood circulation by giving it a gentle massage regularly so that oxygen and nutrients are being supplied to your hair follicles.

Want shinier, more beautiful hair? PRP can help restore luster and body to thinning hair.  If you’re not happy with the density on your scalp, learn more about the benefits of a hair transplant to address female pattern hair loss. Get in touch with The Griffin Hair Restoration Center of Philadelphia by calling (215) 561-9100, or submit a contact form to request a consultation.