Brian Urlacher’s New Hair Transplant

Written by Dr. Griffin

Losing your hair can be devastating. The person you see when you look in the mirror can be tough to look at when you are unhappy with your appearance. One of the biggest insecurities most men face is thinning hair. Many men lose confidence as they watch their hair fall out on a daily basis.

 People tend to underestimate how much younger you can look with a full head of hair. Having thinning or no hair can make someone look considerably older than they really are. When you look at before and after pictures of someone with hair and someone without it is a clear difference between the two. There are certainly some who can pull off the bald look better than others, but almost everyone would look better with a full head of hair.

 The good news is you don’t have to sit back and watch your hair fall out forever, there is something you can do about it – hair transplant. One of the most recent celebrities to undergo a hair transplant procedure is former NFL player Brian Urlacher. An article from the Washington Post describes how Brian Urlacher ditched the shaved head look and opted to have a hair transplant surgery. Urlacher got the procedure done in November of 2014 and has been growing his own hair since. Urlacher even says that before he went public with his new hair, he was told he looked like a younger Brian Urlacher with hair.

 Congratulations to Brian Urlacher on your new hair. Having the courage to do something about your hair is commendable. Your new hair transplant looks great and I am sure those around you agree. If you are looking to do something about your thinning hair, be sure to visit Dr. Thomas Griffin. Dr. Thomas Griffin has years of experience in hair restoration and can help you get your youthful look back.